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Vonette Bright has been providing updates on Dr. Bright's health to Campus Crusade staff, and all interested parties. Here is her latest letter.


Dr. Bright diagnosed with pulmunary condition.

Dr. Bright announces Steve Douglass as successor.


Dear Friends,

Bill received an outstanding award on February 18, as he was named to the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame. This is an outstanding honor and totally unexpected because Bill is not a radio or TV station owner or a longtime broadcaster. This organization, however, has been very close to his heart because of the potential influence for not only preaching the gospel, but also affecting our culture. He has served on the extended board of directors for many years.

A friend flew us to Nashville in a private plane. Staff arranged for a motorized cart for Bill and, as providence would have it, my arthritic knee flared up preventing me from walking. So we both became "an item," scooting through the halls of the spacious Grand Old Opry Hotel. It was a joyful time to see so many longtime friends and to participate in Bill's honor.

Bill has received many other honors during these last two years of his illness:

The first Lifetime Achievement Award from his alma mater, Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma;
A Lifetime Inspiration Award from Religious Heritage of America Foundation, which we shared together;
A Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Evangelicals;
A Lifetime Achievement Award from Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, plus the Chairman¹s Award from this same organization.

To give you an update on Bill's health, I need to share that he has reduced his oxygen intake by half a point. We believe that breathing the salt air and ocean ozone at the beach for the better part of five weeks has been very beneficial. We have been guests of Jack and Pearl Galpin, who also introduced Dr. Ivanova to us and helped her help Bill. We feel that God has answered your prayers and those of many others around the world in using Jack and Pearl and Dr. Ivanova to help extend Bill's life.

We have now returned to our condo in Orlando. Both of us have worked on manuscripts and projects during these past weeks. Bill's latest book, First Love, (a beautiful, small, profound quick-read) was released in time for NRB. You can obtain it through New Life Publications.

This is the longest Bill has been without the "essential oils" treatment since he started last year at Easter. We are eager to see what Dr. Ivanova thinks about his condition after this absence. We have been in close touch with her, and the few nights we have spent in Orlando during these five weeks of his treatment show that Bill is holding his own.

Pray that Bill will continue to improve in stamina and endurance. The monitor indicates that his oxygen level is high until he begins to walk or exert energy. Bill is so challenged by books and materials he is writing, communication by telephone with staff and friends, reading, and interests in new projects, that it is easy for him to sit or be propped in bed and not have to move. He has just finished a week of blue screens and other special material video tapings for his new book, First Love. This, of course, will be interactive video teaching on the Internet, which can be used in many ways for years to come. He did very well, coughed less, and looked great. To see him without oxygen, he looks wonderful (fantastic to me!). Continue to pray that the cause of his cough will be healed.

A cortisone shot has relieved my knee pain for right now, and I am back on my feet. We both are just showing a few signs that come with additional years. The Lord has blessed us exceedingly and abundantly with good health all these years. In no way can we complain now. We both have been reflecting in recent days about the number of associates who have been assigned to work personally with us through the years. These young people (some older now) have been real partners in our personal ministry. No way could we have ever been effective had they not been faithful behind the scenes. Some, like Bailey Marks, Swede Anderson, Curt Mackey, Gordon Klenck, and others, now have their own outstanding ministries, but all are outstanding in their accomplishments. Though an award may appear with our names on it, we know that God will have His special award for all those who have been so faithful to serve Him through serving us.

All of you are helping Campus Crusade fill its calling of "helping to fulfill the Great Commission each year until our Lord returns." We count it a great privilege and joy to continue to serve with you. Bill and I love you all very much and are deeply grateful for your prayers. We would love to be able to respond individually to the many well wishes received these past months; however, we are not able to do so. Please do not feel the need to respond to this update.

Lovingly in Christ,

Vonette Z. Bright

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